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The Ecomuseum zoo: Unique – Friendly – Natural

Located on the western tip of the Island of Montreal, the Ecomuseum zoo offers its visitors a unique and natural experience. It is operated by the St. Lawrence Valley Natural History Society, a not-for-profit organization with a mission that focuses on education, research and applied conservation.

You will discover the gem of the West Island of Montreal with courteous friendly staff and intimate glimpses into the lives of more than 115 species of live animals native to Quebec’s St. Lawrence Valley:

  • Admire majestic birds of prey like eagles, red-tailed hawks and owls.
  • Observe black bears, wolves, otters, caribou, porcupines and more than 110 other species in natural setting enclosures.
  • Visit the “From Light to Dark” exhibit to see nocturnal animals, reptiles, amphibians and fish as they go about their evening routines – during the day!

The Ecomuseum zoo is open all year round to allow its visitors to enjoy the beauty of its 11 hectare site.

Take a walk along our natural setting pathways surrounded with wonderful trees and flowers in all their summer splendor, admire the magnificent autumn forest or enjoy the site in its winter coat.

Zoo City - Canards Zoo City - Renard arctique

The Ecomuseum zoo: An Important Mission

The mission of the Ecomuseum is to:
Promote appreciation and knowledge of the physical and biological characteristics of the St. Lawrence Valley as well as responsible stewardship of its natural environment through education, research and conservation.

Changing young people’s relationships with the ecosystems of which they are a part is crucial if they are to have a positive, sustainable impact on the future of our environment. To this end, through a varied education program both on and off site, the Ecomuseum is currently running over 25 different programs for schools and the general public. With its living collection of wildlife species serving a dual role as both ambassador and catalyst, the Ecomuseum offers unmatched learning experiences for both children and adults. It focuses on four key messages that are present in all its activities and that it defines in relation to education and conservation:

Zoos have an important social responsibility to take an active role in research and applied conservation with respect to plants, animals and the environment, and to see that knowledge is disseminated through public education.

Zoos offer a unique social opportunity, and a resulting responsibility, to bring people and wildlife into close contact in order to produce an emotional response that fosters receptiveness to new ways of seeing things.

From cradle to university, the Ecomuseum raises young people’s awareness of the fact that the way they treat the environment influences our planet’s ecological equilibrium and, ultimately, the survival of all species, including our own.

Getting today’s young people to take responsibility for their actions through environmental education will raise awareness among tomorrow’s leaders as to humanity’s responsibility to protect our own environment and the need to rethink our lifestyles to help preserve this environment.

Zoo City - Caribou

The Ecomuseum zoo: A Responsible Stewardship

The Ecomuseum zoo is proud to be an accredited member of CAZA, the Canadian Association of Zoos and Aquariums. CAZA was established to promote the welfare of animals and to encourage the advancement of education, conservation and science. When you visit the Ecomuseum Zoo you are supporting a non-profit organization whose mission is to foster a better understanding and a better stewardship of our ecosystems through education, research and conservation.